Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are an entertainment web site, in a community which leads through the actors. Our goal is to support the work of the actors, and that the talents need the hand of the process .among us, we have everything, rejection, success as a non-european or European talent, a good or a bad paying agency, instruments and services, which help to success and sometimes have hampered. But we have never had someone during our career has been a protection as we want.
For the first time, you can expect a group of people here for you 100 %.  Why? Quite simply because we really do want. There are too many people, take the casting work whose sole purpose is the profits on the backs of the hard work. We say no! I would like to join us please. We are asking you help us in the implementation of our goal.


First steps, as first in the television, commercial and Film Business

The, FILMUD online internet portal is a great place for new talents to learn from temporary agency work and the inclusion of the commercial television and the film industry. While our talent in line Portfolio and other activities, we provide you with all the current information on the what, when, where, and how of the company, including the best ways to optimize the exposure hearing for obtaining jobs.

With pilots continuously our instructors, you will learn for reasons of clarity, it is 5 steps for success (as discussed below).  You need a total : (1) to obtain from television and film for training through temporary agency work (not the theater or the stage of training); (2) A large headshot; (3) Make sure you make here, so that they build up the credits in your curriculum vitae; (4) Market to find you, the staff are and what you (for example, directors casting operators) and (5) and then continue training, improvement and marketing although you very professional and active.

A headshot

With the responsibilities, you need a large headshot. There are good chances, until you really a good headshot (and very well-executed again), you are probably not cross pour many officials of the doors. You should get a good professional and at least a large headshot (TV and cinema).  With all the resources, make sure the headshot "really" resembles (p. ex., not overlap Quelle-Gro size porbeagle over the bridge of your nose).  The temporary agency work is an area extremely competitive ; therefore, really, the time, the right headshot. Do not forget that your headshot is probably the first introduction you to talent hunters. It is your card be appealed.

Acting Auditions , that's  good opportunity , should be  participating  every acting auditions ,acting auditions basically going on production house and some agency in India , acting auditions in India basically in Mumbai is very genera you will get many notifications of acting auditions from social site and some talent hunter site, some time you have variable  , not every audition is genuine or good, but you have to focused on industry , acting auditions its will become your key of success , acting audition is nothing but  way of your talent explore

extras like a good talent and extras talent , there is very big challenges and competitor around us , if you want to become first and good so you have to have extras , extras is nothing but something different , explore talent and extra effort that's got you some extras

How can I start?

How to become an actor that is an questions to every struggle and who want to be an Actor , how to become an actor its questions like a first step of your acting carrier , first do R & D regarding industries , some to how to become an actor that's questions take you a wrong way , some people its not much good , than use your illiteracy and take you a wrong and some time your lost your confidence and you think you cant do , and financial losses also accrued when you go ahead without knowledge , so how to become an actor its questions like your starter , so all off starting carrier , be confidants and go with professionals there is many professionals is India Mumbai, televisions, production house auditions, 

method acting its like gifted or learned skill , we should explore our talent to become a good talent , method acting its very use full to learn a different different acting skill, method acting will improve your confidence for the auditions and acting front of the camera, when you act on front of camera you should know some method of acting , method acting helping your how to face camera and how to give face angle on lighting , its same important face the camera and face the lights on set , method acting its nothing but explore talent  

It is simply that , just needed you recording on our website(http://www.filmud.com) You will receive a Confirmation e-mail . Once you login, you will be able to create your profile, add your resume and upload your photos videos and others related information.

Is it costs anything for the talent?

No, initially there are no anything cost for registration we are provide 1 Year free registration to the talent and there are no hidden costs and systems package costs,  with us have one  package with the above mentioned benefits the provision of all talents 

Is it costs anything for the Talent hunters?

No . This service without cost to the talent Hunter as it depends on talent hunter called the profiles and test our team not to give competent talent to talent Hunter Profiles

How can I update my profile?

It is very easy. Login to your talent account pages. Go to the EDIT PROFILE PAGE. Members can upload the profile all the information relating to the members and able to download up to 10 photos and up to 5 you tube video link also

I have a problem downloading photos

If you are in doubt, the download of a photo, please first make sure that your images are less than 1000 kbps (1 MB) and jpg or GIF,. If you try downloading any other format or another format it does not work.

If you still having problems even if you have noticed that your pictures are less (1MB) and .jpg or GIF, format than please contact us.


You will get intimation by emails or profile pop up for your membership upgrade”. This link will get you direct to online or offline payment mode so you could upgrade your membership   

How could the talent of the month?

If you want as a talent of the months" , please send us an email. Please note that you can not approve your question of whether your profile does not fully completed and if you do not have at least one photo of professionalism.


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Select your preference and we will alert
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